On thepugfather.com you can expect quality products, that you can also customize as desired. We rely on a high quality printing technology for a long-lasting durability of the products. Here you find a lot of different, beautiful and high quality articles, like T-Shirts, cups, tank tops, sweater, aprons, caps, bags and many other cool accesoires.We stand out with our unique and humorous design of the products and a high level of product quality.


Printing methods

Our designs are printed with different techniques. Here you can see which characteristics the different printing techniques have. On our creative platform "Pug-it-yourself" you can explore our easy to use Pug-it-yourself-Designer and make your own personalized products and you can choose one of the following printing techniques, depending on your personal preferences.


Flex Print is a printing technique where the design is cut out of colored foil and then welded on to the desired product. Flex Print has the following properties:
  • High color brilliance: The printing inks shine and have a high contrast.
  • High durability: tests have shown that shape and color brilliance of flex-printing don´t change appreciably even after 100 washes.
  • Flex printing is also a stretchable and extremely durable, even thin lines don´t break.
  • Up to three colors per design.

Specialty Flex

Special-Flex-Print is made of different printing-foils with special visual effects and has the following properties:
  • Smooth and glittery surface: The design glistens in the light and has a high color intensity
  • High durability: Specialty-Flex-Printing is, like Flex Print, extremely durable and retain the brillance and glitter even after many washes.
  • One color per design.



Flock-Print is a technique in which the design is cut out of colored sheets and then welded to the product. It has the following properties:
  • It has a velvety feel, like a thin layer of plush.
  • High durability: Flock Print is extremely durable and retain their brilliant colors, even after many washes.
  • Up to three colors per design.

Digital Direct

Digital Direct Printing is recommended for designs with many colors and gradients (e.g. photos). It has the following properties:
  • It has a smooth and pleasant surface and the design / photos looks sharp and strong.
  • The durability is, comparing with Flex and Flock Print, a little lower, because the color intensity fades over time. But the design get a cool "vintage look".
  • All colors can be used.

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